About Us


“Time is short, make it beautiful”  

The DRC can proudly celebrate the birth of its first watch company which celebrates the rising of the industrial revolution in Africa.

Coming from an architectural background, the young Congolese architect; Michelange KATENDE found himself trapped into the watch making culture. Receiving a valuable watch from his father in 2008, he found himself discovering the secrets of watch making when replacing the aged leather strap.

Our Company

Time is a beautiful art that keeps our team alive. There is no need to go back on the value of a refined luxury watch made and refined to measure for a privileged clientele. Buying or giving a Michelange Katende watch is not only an acquisition of a watchmaking masterpiece but also a movement towards the revolution of the African industry.

As the first Congolese watchmaking company, our ambition is to be able to set up an assembly plant in the DRC where our watches will henceforth be produced and to establish a brand image to international standards with the jewels drawn from our rich soil.

Our company is based on 4 essential values such as

to our customers and employees
guaranteed superior quality of all our watches
environmental and social responsibility for the improvement of the quality of life of our community.

Our Team

Passionate. Young. Artistic. Ready for challenges

Michelange Katende (C.E.O)

Young architect operating mainly in the D.R.C. and in South Africa, the company founder is an art driven person craving for discovery and new challenges. His passion for watch making orchestrated the birth of the first Congolese watch company.

Benedicte Katende (Director)

Graduated in Marketing and Business Management, she's a breath of fresh air in our team for her multitude ideas out of the box. Her administration skills is a great driving force

Nathan Kabinga (Head manager)

Young architect, app developer and writer, Nathan is a masterpiece mind and helps our team evolving with critical thinking. His unbelievable work ethic is a fuel for our energetic team.

We are interested to know more about your journey with our watches.

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