Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q/ How long does delivery take?
  • A/ 3 to 5 days regular days, 10 to 14 days during the pandemic.
Q/ Where are the boutiques in my city?
  • A/ We only have the online service at the moment and deliveries are free of charge worldwide.
Q/ Is it good quality?
  • A/ The quality implanted in our watches was our greatest objective. This will allow you to keep your watch for a very long time.
Q/ What types of leather are used?
  • A/ we offer South African and Italian Alligator Leathers
Q/ Do you have a policy of resellers and influencers?
  • A/ We prefer to keep the exclusivity of sales and we will see to what extent to associate influencers.
Q/ What is the postal code to put for the DRC?
  • A/ 243 is the postal code
Free return policy
You have 5 business days to return your order. Not satisfied with the product? Contact and a member of our staff will contact you to facilitate the return of the merchandise and the refund. Please keep the invoice and the watch(s) intact.
Use of personal Information

All personal information collected will only be used to properly process your order and to deal with your complaint if necessary. Only the following personal information is collected at the time of order:

Full Name


Phone number

E-mail address

Be reassured that all the personal information you enter will be kept confidential. It will only be used for:

– A confirmation of your order in your email;

– Sending a receipt of payment if the purchase is made by credit card;

– Follow-up for after-sales service.

Under no circumstances will your personal information be disclosed to third parties.

Our watches come with a 2-year warranty. They are all produced with high quality leather and raw materials from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our watches are assembled in South Africa.
For online transactions, payments by Paypal and Visa cards are accepted. For bank transfers:
  1. Equity Bank : 00018-005036200000044572 (Bénédicte KATENDE)
  2. First National Bank (FNB) : Account number: 62856092615 (Michelange KATENDE Pty)
You can also pay by Western Union, Money Gram and Money trans using these details:
First name : Michelange
Country : South Africa
If you are in Kinshasa, by mobile money :
  1. +243 816 004 114 (MPESA : Benedicte KATENDE)
  2. +243 89 69 04 774 (ORANGE MONEY : Benedicte KATENDE)